The Best Social Media Marketing Strategy | Use Automation & be Smart

The Best Social Media Marketing Strategy | Use Automation & be Smart

23 May 2022

The main responsibility of a social media marketer is to promote right promotional content at the right time on right social media network. In addition, he/she needs to interact with the incoming traffic (followers) as soon as possible and entice them to buy your product or service.

Your work that takes a lot of your precious time

A social media marketer has to do an enormous amount of work in front of the computer every day to increase the brand awareness and drive traffic to the Company’s website. If we analyze your work, we will definitely find that you have

  • Lot of repetitive work (welcoming potential clients by Email, posting same content to different social media in defined frequencies, Saving follower/potential customer data

  • Need to be in touch with your follower/potential customer from anywhere you are in

  • Need to change/update your posting schedules frequently

  • Need to respond to follower/potential customer immediately before they lose interest

Automation? Why not?

If you want to succeed in your professional path as a social media marketer, you need to “think smart” to find the most efficient or prudent ways to handle your workload and achieve your business goals. One such smart solution you could use is maximizing the use of technology tools that is right for your business and using them more effectively.

We are happy to inform you that the technology world has emerged with fantastic and highly reliable solutions ideal for your field.“Technology Automation” is one such tool that comes in handy for social media marketers. Automation is the creation and application of technologies to produce and deliver services with minimal human intervention. Automation technologies can improve the efficiency, reliability, accuracy and the speed of many tasks that were previously performed by humans.

How Rapidomize can help you?

At Rapidomize, we have developed simple, highly reliable and user friendly automated workflows that are created just for you! They do not require coding. They are created for the smart social media marketing layman. You can easily automate the following tasks and many more using Rapidomize ICApps (Intelligent connected Apps).

Social media marketing automations available at Rapidomize

1. Social media posting (Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, Twitter, through Google Calendar etc.)

You can select what to post on which social media and when. You can schedule at a specific time and repeat posts in specified time intervals. You can do cross posting too. Here, you are able to select which kind of posts to go to which social media etc.

Schedule your posts using our very simple and user-friendly workflows, sit back, and relax.

2. Onboarding potential customers (through Gmail/Rapidomize mail etc.)

You can automate sending welcome Emails, personal messages etc. through our ready made ICApps.

3. Maintain complete and up to date records (Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Sheets etc.) either in your support platform (spreadsheet/database) or cloud.

Choose a workflow, which automatically update your records and assist you to follow up your potential customers easily.

Have all data in one place. No need to upload and download manually.

4. Access your social media marketing data from anywhere you want (Use Rapidomize mobile app).

5. Notify your team to follow up on potential customers (Slack, Gmail etc.)

Update your team on real time so that they can start working immediately.

Join our community to manage your work efficiently

We urge you to use our simple workflows and reduce the time that you spent working with social media, doing repetitive and mundane tasks. Enjoy the luxury of automated, planning, posting, sending Emails, updating your team as well as keeping records. Manage your clients and calendar efficiently.

Most importantly, you can use your saved time and energy productively to build brand awareness, provide a very efficient customer service and have an effective presence in the social media you use.

In addition, if you want our ICApps to be integrated to your own system or automate with another app, other than what we have listed on our website, contact us at

We can help you (via our Webhooks function etc.) to become a smart social media marketer.

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