How to Share WordPress Posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn?

How to Share WordPress Posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn?

01 July 2022


WordPress is an open-source content management system, which is widely used to create websites or blogs free of charge. It is the number one website platform used by majority of websites (43%) WordPress market share statistics 2011-2022 on the internet.


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a web feed, which allows users and applications to access updates to websites in a computer-readable format. RSS contains all major details about the contents (author, date of publication, link, full text or summary etc.) that a website has published. RSS comes as XML-formatted plain text, which is easier to read.

Advantages of sharing your blogs on social media

By sharing posts on your website to social media, you can strengthen your social media marketing strategy. It will drive more traffic to your website, increase your SEO (Search engine optimization) and increases the opportunity of your post being shared by your followers as well.

How do I share my content in social media?

The traditional method is to copy and paste the relevant link and content of the post on each social media platform manually. This needs your time and labour and may be difficult to do, if you publish website content on frequent basis.

Fortunately, there are tools that can post on your behalf. These automated tools enables you to optimize your social media strategy in no time and with very little effort.

What is the quickest way to publish your blog posts in social media platforms?

Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you published a post in WordPress, it automatically appears on all of your social networks too?

As we have mentioned above, most websites are WordPress based and WordPress has built-in RSS functionality. This means it automatically adds RSS feed URLs to your blog/web page.

We can use this feature to automate the sharing process. You can initiate to push RSS feed updates automatically to selected social media platforms when a new content is published on your website. This way, you can avoid the manual work associated with the sharing process and your subscribers will also be updated on real-time on your posts as well.

This content sharing strategy needs very little effort from your part. It is very simple, free, fully automated and designed for non-technical people.

Sharing WordPress blogs to social media through RSS feeds – Workflow

Rapidomize has developed an intelligent connected app (ICApp) using the above strategy, which automatically triggers when you post a new blog/content on your website and retrieves the data through the relevant RSS feed and post it on the specified social media. We support social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.


What you need to do

  1. Publish your blog post in WordPress in your website.

  2. Choose RSS as your Trigger App.

  3. Provide the RSS feed URL to your post.

    Your website’s main RSS feed URL is usually found in the /feed folder. If the website is, RSS feed URL will be If your blog address is, your RSS feed URL will be Likewise, provide the RSS feed URL to the blog post of interest.

  4. You need to provide the user name and password if your feed URL is protected for a specific audience (optional).

  5. Choose Facebook pages (or any other social media mentioned above) as your Action App.

  6. Then connect the Trigger and Action apps to allow the data to flow between Apps.

  7. If you have chosen Facebook pages, select “publish a page post” as your Action.

  8. Select the location of your page from the dropdown menu.

  9. Type the message, which you want to appear in Facebook Pages describing your post. You can select this from the dropdown menu as well (title, description etc.).

  10. Select the feed URL from the drop down menu.

  11. This ICApp will trigger automatically once a new post is published in your blog and it will be posted to your social media platforms in real- time. If you want to schedule social media posting for a particular date and time, specify your preferences.

  12. Test your ICAppand select “Run” to automate it. This will initiate the ICApp and any blog post that gets published on your website hereafter, will be automatically posted to the social media networks specified by you in real time or as per the schedule given by you.

As you can see, setting up this ICApp in your computer or mobile phone (its mobile friendly!) is very simple. Start using this ICApp from today onwards.

Now go and share your posts with the world free of charge!

Contact us at if you need any assistance in sharing your posts on social media.

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