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Rapidly Build Connected Services

Integration Workflows for Everyone!

Complex & Time consuming Integrations, Automation & Analytical Tasks Just Got Easier.

Rapidly prototype, build apps/api, sync information, and scale.

Integrate with just about any systems or tools you everyday use and bring your data together.

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Transform Your Business


Securely connect your web, mobile, cloud, devices, or back office apps with hundreds of tools & services to enhance their capabilities and bring in more values from them


Build automated processes within few minutes or hours by leveraging workflows than spending days or weeks. Utilize services in new ways to simplify & accelerate
your activities

Analyze & Optimize

Turns your apps data into actionable insights to drive operational intelligence and create efficient business model lowering costs


Generate revenue from your connected services by creating new revenue

Connect & Automate

Securely connect Apps you everyday use to enhance their capabilities. Create triggers to drive workflows that allowing you to: transfer or migrate data between apps, import/export, transform, replicate, backup & many more ...

Automate app activities to reduce time consuming mundane tasks and focus on your important business activities to increase efficiency

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Track activities to diagnose issues of your IT, manufacturing ... systems. Receive alerts or notifications 24 x 7. Log and analyze data to followup & uncover issues.

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Access to Remote or Local Systems

Securly send/receive data to/from remote/local/back office systems, even behind firewall without complexity of configuring firewall rules, but using a simple TLS proxy agent. Connect with development machines, databases, IoT devices ...

Use C/C++, Java, JavaScript, Node, Python, or Go SDKs to build secure client applications or firmware

via firewall

Multi Cloud

Just glue multiple cloud services/functions to get your work done fast. Integrate with pre-build services or extend with your custom AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions, IBM Cloud Functions using REST API or CloudEvents.


Capture important events data from your web, mobile, cloud/server or devices apps. Tranform & send to many destinations. Analyze, Filter, Segment data to see insights of your data. Handles big data at scale, so you get more value, faster.

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Uncover the next big opportunity for your business utilizing advance analytics functions without creating ETL pipelines on your own. Build dashboards & custom reports that your business need.


Apply Machine & Deep Learning to process your data and derive results to optimize your business goals.


Simple To Use

No coding required, use wizards or drag & drop flows with configurations. Simplicity allows you to get your work done in minutes or hours than in days or weeks.

Use developer platform to extend or add new capabilities with serverless functions, or integrate to your own services hosted on your favorite cloud / data center.

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At Your Fingertip

Ease of access to your Connected Apps via the Mobile App. Best suite for people on the go.