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Rapidly Build Connected Services

Integration Workflows for Everyone!

Complex & Time consuming Integrations, API Development, Automation & Analytical Tasks Just Got Easier.

Prototype, build apps/api, sync information, and scale rapidly.

Integrate with just about any system or tool you use everyday and bring your data together.

Transform Your Platform

Create APIs

Accelerate the way you create APIs for your Apps with low-code.

Power your web, mobile or devices apps with APIs created in minutes or hours

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Build automated processes within few minutes or hours by leveraging workflows than spending days or weeks. Utilize services in new ways to simplify & accelerate your activities

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Securely connect your apps with hundreds of services to enhance their capabilities and bring in greater values

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Analyze & Optimize

Turns your app's data into actionable insights to drive operational intelligence and create an efficient business model that lowers your cost

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nodecodeCreate APIs

Create APIs for your MVP within few minutes or hours by leveraging Low-Code workflows without spending weeks or months to validate your ideas.

Focus on your business without worrying about coding, deployment, hosting & management of your product infrastructure.

Rapidomize is the cost effective way to create your backend APIs & batch jobs.



Use Databases or Spread Sheets

Store & retrieve data from databases, google sheets, excel or any other service of your choice.


Low-Code Functions

Create micro services using javascript/python cloud functions and remove the hassle of maintaining spaghetti codes


Batch Jobs

Create batch operations via cron style schedules & execute workflows periodically.



Low-Code gets your MVPs Apps from idea to production much faster.

Trigger Workflows

Create APIs to trigger workflows that send or receive data.


Avoid hassle of hosting & maintaining servers

Low Cost

Build your backend APIs & host at a fraction of the cost.


End to end API security


Common APIs

Remove barriers with different third party SaaS Apps APIs and invoke them using Common API.


Connect Any App

Connect to any web, mobile or devices apps using REST API, Websoket or MQTT.

Many Pre-Build Services

Connect to 100s of pre-build services & reduce your development time & accelerate time to market.

SDKs for your favorite languages

Use JavaScript, Node, Python, Java, C/C++ ...etc. SDKs

Simplified Backend Functionality

Auth, events handling, schedule jobs

Explore More Ways to connect your Apps

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Connect & Automate

Connect your favorite cloud apps together to transfer or migrate data between them.

Automate activities to reduce time consuming mundane tasks and focus on your important business activities to increase efficiency.

Need to automate import/export, transform, replicate or backup your apps data free of charge?



Social Media Marketing Toolkit

Post to multiple platforms at once by automating Social Media Posts. Sync a single post to multiple social media platforms

Schedule your posts well-timed using Calendar and increase engagements.


Track Activities

Track activities to diagnose issues of your Apps, IT Ops and manufacturing systems. Get alerts or notifications to your mobile.

Log and analyze data to follow up & resolve issues.


trackIoT Devices & Apps

Securely send/receive data or execute commands on IoT device's apps.

Define geo-fences and monitor location changes or collect sensor data.

Use SDKs to create clients or firmware.



Use webhooks to receive or send data from and to your own sources and destinations.

Extract/Format Data

Extract or Format data from your emails or documents.


Transform Data

Transform data
e.g. JSON <-> XML.


Connect Any services Apps

Connect to any cloud services apps using HTTP or FTP ...etc, connectors


Multi-step Integrations

Simple Multi-step integration via Wizard or Advance Flow Editor.

Advance Conditions

Advance conditional flow routing.


Easy parameter mapping

Easy parameter (data fields) selection & mapping from each stage of the workflow (ICApp).


Formulas to Process

Data conversion & Transformation using formulas.

Custom Cron Schedules

Scheduling workflows as per you need rather than executing on fixed time intervals.

Data Iteration

Data Iteration for retrieval / for syncing from one service to another.

Parallel execution

Parallel execution of workflows (ICApps) for webhooks & API triggers.

Task based execution

Tasks based execution.

Calendar based execution

Schedule in a Calendar.


Capture important event data from your web, mobile, cloud/server or devices apps. Transform & send to multiple destinations. Analyze, Filter, Segment data to see insights of your data. Handles big data at scale, so you get more value, faster.

//track an event against a ICApp
rapidomize.event( 'Add To Cart', {
item_code: '00342',
q: 2,
price: 10.50
}, 'ICAPP_ID');
//track an event against a ICApp
rapidomize.event('Add To Cart', {
item_code: '00342',
q: 2,
price: 10.50
}, 'ICAPP_ID');
//track an event against a ICApp
rapidomize.event( 'Add To Cart', {
'item_code': '00342',
'q': 2,
'price': 10.50
}, 'ICAPP_ID');
//track an event against a ICApp
rapidomize.event( "Add To Cart", new Json(
"item_code", "00342",
"q", 2,
"price", 10.50
), "ICAPP_ID");
//track an event against a ICApp
rapidomize.event( "Add To Cart", new Json(
"item_code", "00342",
"q", 2,
"price", 10.50
), "ICAPP_ID");
curl \
-d "n=Add To Cart" \
-d "item_code=00342" \
-d q=2 \
-d price=10.50
//track an event against a ICApp
rapidomize.event( "Add To Cart", {
"item_code": "00342",
"q": 2,
"price": 10.50
}, 'ICAPP_ID');

Make data-driven decisions

Increase conversions, engagements, and retention of your app users.


ELT Pipelines

Use cross-platform APIs to ingest your web or mobile app's analytical data to a destination of your choice.

From SaaS Apps

Send analytical data from your SaaS Apps to a destination of your choice.

Same Data on All Tools

Send same data to all your analytical tools.

What Makes Us Different

Simple To Use. No coding required.

Use simple wizards or drag & drop flows builder with configurations. Simplicity allows you to get your work done in minutes or hours than in days or weeks.

Use developer platform to extend or add new capabilities with serverless functions, or integrate to your own services hosted on your favorite cloud / data center.


At Your Fingertip. Use it on the go.

Create or update Connected Apps on the go with our mobile apps.

  • Share Photos or Files via mobile to trigger your workflows.
  • Sync or backup your calendar, contacts ... etc via ICApps
  • Trigger ICApps based on your location via geo-fencing.
  • Get notifications for any activity configured in your ICApps. e.g. Sales leads.
  • Manage Tasks assigned to you.