Google Sheet Automations: Why use it for Small Businesses?

Google Sheet Automations: Why use it for Small Businesses?

23 April 2021

Why Google Sheets?

We live in a world where we are getting bombarded with new Apps capable of performing various tasks for us and are made using the latest technologies every day. As a small business owner, choosing the most powerful yet cost-effective and straightforward apps which will facilitate you to work smarter and not harder will be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Google Sheets is a versatile and extremely simple spreadsheet that we have been using since 2010 in our businesses to organize, store, track and evaluate our data effectively. It is being used for:

  • data storage
  • accounting and calculation purposes to keep track of expenses
  • digital marketing
  • create schedules and calendars
  • statistical data analysis
  • manage projects
  • generate reports
  • employee time tracking
  • business administration tasks and many more activities in various businesses around the world.

Google Sheets was designed as a web application using a cloud-based architecture that enables you to collaborate with anyone, anytime, anywhere. It comes as a mobile app as well. Further, it is a very secure app to use and is compatible with many other external systems. Most importantly, it is free of charge and is an amazing tool that can gather information and provide you with valuable and straightforward insights for you to make data–driven decisions for the success of your business.

Why we need to integrate Google Sheets with other apps?

To automatically share data between multiple Apps

Even though you are just a start-up or a small business owner, you most probably have to rely on multiple web applications to perform specific functions of your organization. While these apps allow us to perform numerous functions, it is also challenging to maintain so many applications up-to-date without ending up with inaccurate or duplicate data. You may have to enter the same data set again and again too.

Application integrations can solve this need to move the same data set between several applications by entering the data set to one application and connecting that application to others. Once connected, data will automatically get distributed between relevant applications in a scheduled manner or upon a specific triggering event. The biggest advantage is, integrations allow you to automate repetitive, time-consuming, and monotonous tasks.

To automate sending of Emails, backing up data…

When integrations are used, you will have accurate data sets in all of your applications, and you can avoid manual copy-paste activities and the need to send Emails back and forth. Integrating apps with Google Sheets allows you to keep a reserved version of the app’s data as backup storage too. You will be able to share your data across all parties instantly, which leads to good coordination among your teams. Your staff will be motivated and more committed and the productivity of your organization will improve in no time.

Though Google sheets itself is a versatile tool that can be used for various tasks, we can further increase its performance tremendously by integrating with other applications. The outcome will unquestionably add value to your organization and your growth will be accelerated.

Automation of Google Sheets

Now you know the benefits of Google Sheet integrations. Next is actually, how you do it. Don’t worry; you don’t need to have developer skills on APIs, middleware, etc. It’s all developed and ready for you. What you have to do is to join Rapidomize and use our already developed integrated workflows. It’s free and very secure. So, what are you waiting for?

Rapidomize workflows for Google Sheets

At Rapidomize, we allow users to easily integrate web applications they use for their work. We offer integrated connected workflows for everyone. We call them ICApps (Intelligent Connected Apps), and you just need to select the ICApp you want and set it up. They will do the work for you. If you have software skills, then there’s more for you at Rapidomize as you can create your own ICAppss with us. ICApps are designed as such; when an event occurs in an App or Device (Trigger) one or more Actions can be performed in another set of Apps automatically.

Rapidomize can integrate Google Sheets securely with number of Apps that you use every day to enhance their capabilities. You will be creating Triggers as per your wish or use our Triggers to drive these workflows that allows you to transfer or migrate data between apps, import/export, transform, replicate, backup & many more within a few minutes. Besides, the ICApps are accessible via our mobile app too.

Relax and enjoy doing your business by using our integrated and automated business-critical workflows!!

Rapidomize ICApps available for Small Business Google Sheet users

Integrate Google Sheets with Facebook pages

Are you posting on Facebook Pages to market your business? If you want to review your posts for their order, timeliness, content, repeating frequency, etc. you should definitely use this ICApp as each time you post on Facebook Pages, it will automatically Trigger and add the post as a new row in a specified Google Sheet allowing you to perform your analytics very quickly.

fb pages

Integrate Google Sheets with Google Calendar

a). Do you need to list all events from your Google Calendar in Google Sheets and inform a specified email address at the same time? This ICApp allows you to add a new row to a Google Sheet automatically and sends an Email to a specified E-mail address via Gmail simultaneously upon creating a new event in Google Calendar.


b). Do you need to list all events from your Google Calendar in Google Sheets and send an SMS at the same time? This ICApp allows you to add a new row to a Google Sheet automatically and also to send an SMS simultaneously upon creation of a new event in Google Calendar.


c). Are you a busy person and need to have an organized day for you? This ICApp ensures all your event start times are automatically displayed together in one Google Sheet for you. The ICApp Triggers when an event is created in Google Calendar and automatically updates a Specified Google Spreadsheet row with each new event allowing you to see your schedule for any duration you prefer.


Integrate Google Sheets with Trello

a). If you are using Trello for your project management work, this is the ideal ICApp for you. This ICApp can automatically create a specific Trello card for each new Google Sheet worksheet for you so that you can keep your team updated instantly and with no effort at all.


b). If you want to analyze or maintain the work in a Trello card through a Google Spreadsheet or if you’re going to share information in a Trello card with a person who does not use Trello, use this ICApp. It automatically creates a new Google sheet row with the information in each new Trello card of yours, and you can use the spreadsheet data for the above purposes. Bring team collaboration to a new level using this ICApp.


c). If you want to save information of a Trello card as soon as it is created, in a Google SpreadSheet, this ICApp is designed for you. The ICApp Triggers when a new Trello card is created and automatically saves the information in a unique Google Spreadsheet. Use the spreadsheet for calculations, preparation of reports, presentations, etc.

Integrate Google Sheets with Mailchimp


a). If you want to keep track of your Mailchimp campaigns and nicely organize the information, create this ICApp and it will do wonders for you. It Triggers upon creation of a new Mailchimp campaign and automatically adds a new row with specified information in a selected Google Sheet for you. Use the sheet for data review or as a storage place for your historical data.

b). Do you need to study your Mailchimp unsubscription data later on? Create this Mailchimp - Google Sheet ICApp to automatically transfer data of the unsubscriber to a prescribed Google Sheet as a new row.

c). ThisMailchimp - Google Sheet ICApp automatically adds the new lists or new audiences you create in Mailchimp to a specified Google sheet so that you have all your Mailchimp prospects organized in one place for tracking and analysis. The advantage is that you don’t need to format your spreadsheets manually using your valuable time.

Integrate Google Sheets with Dropbox

Do you want your storage details in Dropbox to appear in Google Sheets? This integration helps you organize details of your Dropbox folders in one Google Spreadsheet by automatically creating a row in a Google Sheet when there is a new folder in Dropbox. It’s never been easier to keep track of your folders.


Integrate Google Sheets with Facebook Lead Ads

To increase your sales, you need to focus on marketing without spending your valuable time on manual and repetitive tasks related to data entry. This ICApp is capable of automatically recording all information of a Facebook Lead in Google Sheets. Once you set up this ICApp, each time you get a new response to a Facebook Lead Ads Form, this ICApp will automatically Trigger and all required information on that lead will be recorded in Google Sheets saving your valuable time.


Integrate Google Sheets with Asana

a). If you are using Asana for project management, this ICApp will ease your burden on creating Asana sub-tasks for specific Gmail content. The ICApp will automatically create an Asana Sub task and add a Google sheet row for each new related Gmail.


Set this ICApp and allow it to automatically create an Asana task for your team whenever you add a new Google Sheet. This way, it saves time in creating manual tasks for your new data collection. If you are to do this kind of work repeatedly, this is an ideal app for you.


Besides, you can create ICApps of your own choice by creating simple workflows with us. Contact us anytime at and we will support you.

Since nothing beats the use of a direct integration for carrying out monotonous and repetitive tasks, be a superuser of Google Sheets integrations and enjoy your work. It will make your team motivated and committed through the enhanced team collaboration and time saving it brings.

Finally, we highly recommend you to integrate Google Sheets with other apps you use for your work, as required, as these integrated workflows are a perfect fit for any business in any industry!

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