How Typeform Can Help You? The Best Online Forms to Collect Data

How Typeform Can Help You? The Best Online Forms to Collect Data

10 June 2021

What is Typeform?

Typeform is a web-based platform, which you can use to collect and share information through its dynamic online forms and surveys. No coding skills are required to use Typeform.

Why are we talking about it?

Many people consider Typeform as one of the most versatile form builder apps that are available today. Typeform’s thoughtfully designed templates covers almost every sort of situation and most industrial scenarios. The forms are easy to implement and use. Further, these forms are very flexible and easily customizable to your heart’s content.

The unique feature that makes Typeform stands out from its alternatives is its ability to collect and share information in a comfortable and conversational manner. It is designed in such a way that your form asks one question at a time (blurring the others) like you are engaged in a real conversation. This feature makes people who interacts with your form feel a cool experience and more personally engaged despite their digital distance.

Creative professional forms

Typeform, which is able to create beautiful and professional forms, is mobile friendly and can integrate easily with other apps to provide you the opportunity to save time and improve the effectiveness of your activities. This is going to be an indispensable tool with great advantages when you have 100+ forms to use and collect information. Lastly, using Typeform will reduce your usage of paper, which in turn will benefit the environment too.

Having said all above, we strongly recommend you to use Typeform and start enjoying your data gathering processes. We are including some great stories of people who benefitted immensely from using Typeform.

Five inspiring stories of Typeform users we recently met

  1. Adom who was a friend of mine started a flower shop a year ago in a small town in Texas. Now he wants to identify his opportunities for improvement by understanding how far he has met with the expectations of his customers. Since his customers order online in most instances he needs a web-based form to collect their feedback. I was the one who told him about Typeform, and he created a simple, unique and customized feedback form from the Typeform form collection and sent it to all customers who ordered flowers from him within that year. To his immense joy, he got feedbacks from 73% of them within a few weeks. He proudly told me that it was all because of the unique customer friendly feedback form he was able to create with Typeform, which his customers could not resist.

  2. Mark, who is my neighbor, works as the Production Manager in a packaging material producing company, where more than 100 workers directly reports to him. One of the biggest headaches he used to have every year was the annual performance review of his subordinates.

    The Company did not use a performance management software and the Managers used an old printed performance evaluation form to evaluate all employees in every department of the company. He was not happy with this form as it does not allow him to perform thoughtful and thorough evaluations or plan individually tailored goal settings.

    One day when he was complaining about his dissatisfaction on the present employee evaluation process, I suddenly remembered Typeform’s evaluation templates. Since lot of people have recommended those to me, I requested Mark to have a look, which he did.

    After about a week, he was able to develop a customized and user-friendly performance evaluation form, tailored to the goals of his employees, using Typeform. He was able to convince his top management on the benefits of using a tailor-made format for this activity, and later, the whole company adopted his path and now they all are happily using Typeform evaluation forms to assess their employees and the evaluation process is no more a headache to the Managers in this company.

  3. Mary Samuel is a freelance public event planner whom I met in an art exhibition sometime back. When I registered for the event, I instantly fell in love with her event registration form, which was very easy to fill, simple, yet elegant and entertaining. Later when I talked to her during the event, she told me how she benefitted from using one of the Typeform’s event registration form for her events.

    Earlier she used to handle registrations mostly through a paper form and used to come across confusions, headaches, and mistakes along with it quite often. She used to have an online form too, but according to her, it was a dull and lengthy format and she did not know how to make it better at that time.

    For her, event registration was very important, as it acts as the first impression the attendees have on the upcoming event. She considers it as the heart of her events and always wants the registration process to make a positive impression and a level of trust among her attendees. She has used creativity blended with a touch of personal feel for her registration form and it was very inviting to complete.

    Now she is so happy with her event registrations and she gets compliments from her event attendees on this awesome format too.

  4. Alexa is an entry-level lead generation specialist who works online for fashion industry. She was supposed to attract visitors and generate leads using her own methodologies. She was looking for a smart way to collect contact details of potential clients and she needed a format, which can create a personalized experience for her leads identifying their exact needs. According to her, this form should show what she has to offer in a stylish manner and feel trustworthy and engaging for her clients to open up. Fortunately, she came across Typeform during her web search and created a beautiful form using one of its lead generation formats, which exactly was what she needed.

    Later, she integrated her form with Google Sheets, using a Rapidomize’s free integration workflow to automate her lead generation process. Today, she is collecting data from her leads happily and effortlessly, using this integrated workflow and her rate of lead generation is fantastic.

  5. Recently I met a Quality Manager of a reputed organization in US, which has several sub offices across the country. This is an ISO 9001, 14001 and ISO 22001 certified Company. They need to record many data to monitor their processes and continuously achieve the expected outcomes. One biggest obstacle they were facing was the lack of enthusiasm of staff to complete the relevant forms with data, and it lead to frequent audit queries as well.

    They conducted a survey to identify the reasons behind this issue. The outcome of the survey showed that three main reasons were contributing to this behavior and they were; (1) forms were dull and boring (2) forms were lengthy and takes a lot of time to complete (3) data has to enter repeatedly in various different forms used by the company.

    The Company came across various alternatives to resolve this issue, but failed. Finally, it was Typeform, which fixed this issue. They started using Typeform and customized various Typeform forms as per their requirements. Not only the employees, but also the external stakeholders who interacted with the company loved the lively and conversational nature of these forms. They also used Typeform survey forms for their customer satisfaction surveys. Typeform was able to bring a lot of relief to the Human Resources and Quality Assurance Departments of that company. Later they integrated Typeform to their CRM and got the maximum use out of it in no time.


Typeform is an easy to use and creative web based collection of forms that are conversational in nature and loved by all. Integration of these forms with lot of other software applications are very easy to make your data collection process fully automated.

We, at, can support you to integrate Typeform with other software Apps in no time. We do this through our integrated workflows (no coding at all) and you can use these Typeform integrations, optimize data completion rates, and gain valuable insights from your data immediately. These great Typeform integrations are ready for you now and …..

…We look forward to hear from you!

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