How Software Integration Benefits Small Businesses

How Software Integration Benefits Small Businesses

17 June 2022

What are SMEs?

SMEs (or SMBs) are small or medium size enterprises/businesses that has their staff head count, and the turnover below a certain defined threshold. SMEs play a very important role in any economy through employment of people, innovation and their contribution to the growth and development of the economy.

Why businesses should go digital?

The world today is transforming their business models rapidly by using digital technologies to generate new revenue and to add new value. This is done not only by moving from paper to digital data but also from manual processes, which were about dealing with paper, to digital and automated workflows and processes, which are faster, more accurate and reliable.

Digitalization allows businesses to interact with customers through digital channels, which is much faster and efficient. You can automate data collection and reduce manual uploading and downloading work. With automation, data analysis will be much easier and accurate. You will be able to track sales deals faster and customer satisfaction will be higher. You can connect different software and create scalable systems and processes. At the end,

Digitalization makes you more efficient and organized!

Is “Going - Digital” a challenge for SMEs?

To remain competitive and relevant in future market, SMEs need to change their business strategy by acquiring digital talent. This is because large-scale businesses has already become digital and their consumers are very satisfied.

Unlike large-scale enterprises, SMEs face many challenges during digitalization of their businesses, as they are unable to afford required finance and expertise. In addition, most of the digital solutions that are available in the market are designed to target large enterprises, and difficult to scale down to fit the needs of the SMEs.

Therefore, SMEs need to come up with smarter, cost effective solutions to overcome these challenges and be successful in their digitalization process. Refer Mckinsey report on Helping SMEs to thrive - keeping up with digitalization

How to “Go Digital” without digital talent

At, we have a handful of smart solutions developed just for SMEs to solve your digitalization issues. Without struggling to acquire digital talent and associated high cost, you could use our readymade applications yourself or contact us so that we can assist you in providing the best solution for your business.

Take advantage of our features, which can integrate with just about any system or tool you use every day and bring your data together. Your complex and time consuming integrations, automation work, analytical tasks and scaling just got easier.

Use our simple automated workflows (intelligent connected Apps-ICApps) to Go Digital

Use App integration and connect the applications you use for your business. You could avoid manual copy-paste activities and the need to send Emails back and forth between applications. Once connected, data will be automatically distributed between relevant applications in a scheduled manner or upon a specific Triggering event allowing you to automate repetitive, time-consuming, and monotonous tasks.

Use our APIs

Rapidomize is the cost effective way to create your backend APIs & batch jobs. Use our No- or Low-Code workflows and save your precious time. Do not worry about coding, deployment, hosting & management of your product infrastructure.

Use our Webhook solutions

Webhooks are very useful in transferring data instantly and seamlessly from one application to another. This is useful for SMEs in instances where one system wants to be notified as soon as something happens in another system. In addition, webhooks comes with great flexibility which enables you to automatically Trigger a wide range of tasks where you are looking for real–time notifications and data synchronizations. Further, with webhooks, you can even configure an event in one site to Trigger an Action in another site.

Our Webhook solutions can be used to improve the performance of many web based functions used by SMEs. It can be used to instantly notify e-commerce retailers who use third party payment gateway systems when the payment is made by the customer. The payment gateway connects to the retailer’s customer data base and provides the payment data immediately through the use of webhooks even though the payment happens outside the retailer’s website. Webhooks can also help you with sending or receiving notifications, synchronizing of files, status updates and many more.

Webhooks are great! The Top 10 uses of webhooks

Rapidomize is willing to join hands with you in your journey to go digital. We will ensure that it will be a simple, productive and a smooth transition, which will fuel new growth for you at a minimal cost. We will always be there to provide you the technical support you need. You will be smiling happily serving your customers, using your automated processes that are faster, more accurate and reliable, in no time. There are many more solutions for you. Visit us at

Contact us and be a smart SME that grows and competes gracefully in the future market!

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