Rapidomize allows your web, mobile, cloud, devices apps or back office systems to integrate together with hundreds of tools & services to enhance their capabilities to get more values out of them. So, you can:

Here are some sample Integration & Automation you can perform with Rapidomize.

  • Backup your Gmail attachments to Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Receive push notifications on your smart phone when you receive a new Facebook Lead Ad.
  • Monitor your data center servers to identify incidents and alerts/notify your Operational teams via push notification, SMS, Calls or ring your mobile anytime during 24x7. Based on severity of the such incident escalate, create tickets on your support/bug tracking system.
  • Analyze incident data to identify the risk factors affecting the safety of your operations.
  • Monitor your child’s phone to track unwanted calls or get notified if they go to an unwanted location when they are away from home.

There is so much more you could do with Rapidomize and you can view more scenarios here.

Getting Started

ICApp Execution

Rapidomize iConnect Editions

Commoditizing front/back end for building internal enterprise tools and letting you spend the time & resources on the business



Developer SDK simplifies & accelarates Rapidomize API integration with you Web, Mobile & Devices App


Create REST APIs

Services Integration Guide

Last modified August 17, 2022