How to Manage Facebook Leads Smartly? A Cost-effective Method

How to Manage Facebook Leads Smartly? A Cost-effective Method

20 March 2020

Facebook Lead Ads for low marketing budgets

Under the competitive pressure of today’s business environment, it is very challenging for businesses to advertise and deliver an effective message and win the hearts of consumers. On the other hand, most of the vehicles that perform advertising for businesses costs a fortune.

Using social media as your advertising tool comes handy in here if you are thinking of reaching a bigger audience with a low budget. Our recommended social media platform for advertising is Facebook Lead Ads as it has a clearly defined system for lead qualification (business inquiries are frequently termed as leads) and studies show that it is the most popular lead generation platform among the world’s largest social network at the moment. You only have to create an attractive Lead Ad to convey your message effectively to the consumer and a well-defined lead form to collect the lead’s information.

Why Facebook Lead Ads are preferred by users?

Facebook users prefer the use of lead form as it is structured in a very user friendly manner. They only have to click on it for submission or enter the answers to a few customized questions as it is already pre-populated with their name and contact details. It is also mobile friendly and the ease of use has made people to prefer it over the other platforms.

As a person or a business who needs to market a product or service, you can definitely make use of this big and powerful platform to identify potential customers and understand their behaviors and interests, increase your brand awareness, inform on the upcoming events and engage with your customers to make sales, regardless of the size of your business.

Smart Lead management basics for Facebook Lead Ads

Lead management is simply the methodologies, systems or practices you use to generate potential customers for your business. Once you create and publicize your Facebook Lead Ad, you get leads. You need to collect their data, analyze their requirements and follow up with them immediately (before they lose their interest) if you want to convert your leads to potential customers.

To manage your leads effectively, you need to establish a smart lead management system which is capable of achieving the highest possible lead to customer conversion rate. This smart system requires you to have;

  • A clean lead data base with accurate data (without duplicates or incomplete data) most preferably in a spreadsheet, which later allows you to perform direct data analysis without having to move to another application.

  • A method in place to direct lead information to this data base as soon as you get a new lead. This ensures that your database is fresh and up to date all the time.

  • The lead data base to be stored in a secure location which allows you to access and share your files from any mobile, tab or computer.

  • Your marketing/sales/customer care or any other staff who needs lead information, should have access to this data base, so that all are under one roof and raising one voice which will pave the way to effective lead management.

  • Availability of the necessary infra-structure (phone/Email facilities, computers, internet, access to required application software) to empower your staff.

Converting a Lead to a Customer

To convert a lead to a customer, you need to start communicating with the lead before he loses his interest, understand his requirements/concerns properly and funnel him through the lead qualification process effectively by providing necessary information right on time.

In a traditional system, this involves lot of manual work like manual entry of data, making phone calls, sending Emails or SMSs, filing records, verbal coordination of staff and transferring data from one person/team to other. Not to forget that someone needs to follow up all these activities and ensure they are done properly and right on time.

What are the drawbacks?

It is a known fact that a lot of functional disconnections related to lead handling can easily occur in this type of a system. Opportunities are often mishandled or lost due to errors related to duplication of data, inaccurate and incomplete data bases, coordination issues and misunderstandings due to verbal instructions, delays in contacting the lead and delays due to various technical issues in the system.

How software integration helps smart lead management?

Most of these inefficiencies and shortcomings can be managed to a great extent and the performance can be enhanced remarkably by automating your system as required and using integrated web based software applications where necessary. Lot of people are still not taking advantage of this incredible solution which is capable of accelerating your journey in achieving your business goals and keeping you and your staff stress free and relaxed. Many medium and small scale businesses and individuals are still too busy, doubtful (presuming that they need to know how to code) or not at all aware of this solution.

Using integration of cloud based software applications, repetitive tasks related to lead management can be automated very easily. This definitely adds value to your business as these tasks take a considerable amount of your time on daily basis. Integrated software can also steer you towards better management of data, better communication, increasing sales, preprogrammed performance analysis to identify your strengths, weaknesses and any trends and thereby increasing the overall efficiency of your entire business operation.

How to launch integrations for lead management?

  • Identify the current web based applications used by your organization for lead management (if any).

  • List down the activities carried out using each app and review the current performance of each of these activities and identify any gaps or improvements needed.

  • Research and identify whether you could use any/other web based application for the same purpose and whether there is a possibility of integrating one or more such apps together to get a more effective and an accelerated outcome.

  • Filter and select only the essential integrations based on their importance, cost benefit, time saving and value addition to your organization.

  • Be creative and identify the app integrations that you could use to empower your team in the process of lead funnel progression. This may need you to get access to some new apps but the benefit you get in return is definitely worth it.

As an example, you can simply automate and integrate the first and second activities given in table below as proposed.

Activity Current Method Proposed Method
Record information of a new lead Manual recording (by hand in registers/typing in Google sheets/Excel) Use automatic recording in Google Sheets
Welcome the new lead aboard By making phone calls/sending E-mail Use automated Email/notification or SMS

When the above two activities are integrated, as soon as you get a new lead, his information will be automatically recorded in Google Sheets for you and a predefined welcome Email will be sent instantly through SMS/Email or as a notification as per your preference. This absolutely does not need your involvement. Think of the relief you get from this simple, flawless and fully automated integration, as you will have to repeat these two activities manually for each new lead you get.

Rapidomize has prepared some excellent integrations (Intelligent Connected Apps or ICApps) for you that you could use to make your Facebook lead handling process a smart and an effective one. You don’t need to be an expert in technology, coding etc. The ICApps have been already prepared for you (for non – technical users) and you just need to select and set it up. You could create simple one to one work flows with them or you could sync data between apps within a few minutes and let these automated workflows do the job for you (for routine work) while you concentrate on more crucial issues.

Here is a three step strategy for smart management of your Facebook Lead Ads leads.

Step 1: Hurry up! Get the leads immediately aboard

The typical scenario would be that you check your Facebook account time to time, collect the lead information, record it in a spreadsheet or another document where you maintain your data base by typing or manually writing down and then proceed with calling or Emailing the lead when time permits.

These are the ways how you can do the same thing smartly with no stress no delays and no mistakes.

  • Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Email

    It starts small, but it is so powerful. Thank your lead immediately for their interest. It will definitely help to build the lead’s trust. Most new leads expect a welcoming Email after indicating their interest to you. Why don’t you give them what they want?

    Follow up your leads smartly using this integration as each time you get a new response to a Facebook Lead Ads Form, this ICApp will trigger and a welcoming Email will be automatically sent to your prospect via Rapidomize Email or your Gmail. Make it your objective to reply to lead responses within 5 minutes of receipt. Your leads will love it.


  • Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with SMS - Go mobile

    Almost every mobile phone user knows how to use SMS. Therefore sending a SMS is another effective method to follow up immediately with a new lead and have the best chance to close the deal. On the other hand, leads like to use different forms of communication, and it’s important to cater to each preference.

    Our ICApp automatically sends a SMS message welcoming the lead as soon as you get a new lead.

  • Integrate Facebook Lead Ads, Google Contacts and Notifications/E mail

    Do you need to be informed as soon as you get a new lead response and do you like us to store the contact details of your new lead automatically in your Google Contacts? This ICApp will trigger as soon as you get a new lead for your Facebook Lead Ads and adds the contact information of the lead automatically to your Google Contacts and also sends a Notification to your mobile within a few seconds via Rapidomize mobile App. Instead of the notification, it can send you an Email via Gmail or Rapidomize as per your preference.


  • Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with your mobile

    If you want to be informed to your mobile, that you have got a new lead for your Facebook Lead Ad in real time, this ICApp is for you. Each time you get a new lead for your Facebook Lead Ads, this ICApp will automatically trigger and you will get your mobile ringing instantly, to let you know that a new lead is aboard.

Step 2: Maintain a healthy lead database

It is vital to have your lead data base up to date and complete at all times. Safe storage and easy accessibility of your lead data should also be a prime concern of yours. These are our solutions for you in this regard.

  • Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Google Sheets to automatically record lead data.

    Once you set up this ICApp, each time you get a new response to a Facebook Lead Ads Form, this ICApp will automatically trigger and all required information of that lead will be recorded flawlessly in a Google Sheet of your preference saving your valuable time.

  • Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Google Sheets to update Lead information.

    This ICApp allows you to automatically import lead data and update their existing information in rows in specified Google spreadsheets.

    G sheets

  • Integrate Facebook leads with MailChimp

    If you are a Mailchimp user, you can create a dedicated e- mail list for your new Facebook leads in Mailchimp. Don’t worry about the time you need to spend on transferring their Email addresses from Facebook to Mailchimp. Rapidomize offers you an excellent automation which triggers upon receipt of a new lead for your Facebook Lead Ad and adds the new lead to the specified mail list of Mailchimp automatically so that you can maintain a healthy relationship with your prospects with very little effort.

  • Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Google Drive to secure your lead data

    When it comes to finding customers, your lead data is very important to schedule future contacts and help you target your follow-ups to secure sales. Store your lead data in a safe place like Google Drive, which can be easily shared with your team and accessed from anywhere. When you get a new response to a Facebook Lead Ads Form, this ICApp will trigger and a new file of plain text will be created in Google Drive for that lead automatically making your life much easier.

  • Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Google Sheets for straightforward data analysis

    Google Sheet data analysis parameters can be used to get a comprehensive understanding of your system performance related to lead handling. Use the analysis results to better prepare for sales activities, and to improve your entire system by identifying weak and strong activities/areas in your system, opportunities ahead of you, changes in lead or customer behavior with time, level of customer satisfaction etc.

Step 3: Track your leads effectively, treat them well, make sales and earn their trust

To turn a potential sales lead to a full-fledged sales opportunity, it is absolutely essential to have an effective lead management system in place. The key to success of any sale is a strong follow-up plan to get the prospects on the right path.

This starts from the very beginning where the new leads needs to be handed over to right sales person, proper communication with the lead, maintenance, review and use of communication history , effective nurturing of lead, work with time targets and track progress as needed. The amount of effort, time and cost you need to invest for this process is huge and you definitely should seek support of software application integrations to utilize your time effectively while staying on your schedule and with spending very little effort on routine tasks.

Further, with the use of these integrations, the involvement and dedication of your staff will improve since everyone is happy as their boring and recurrent tasks are reduced to a great extent. This will definitely leads to very healthy lead conversion rates. Following are some splendid Rapidomize ICApps you can use to improve lead management process at your organization.

  • Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Trello & assign new leads to sales staff immediately and track their progress

    Why don’t you make everyone in your sales team updated instantly using Trello when you get a new lead? Allow Rapidomize to automate the transfer of information from Facebook to Trello. When you get a new lead for your Facebook Lead Ad, our ICApp will automatically generate a new Trello card as per your specifications. You can hand over the lead to the right person, assign tasks, set deadlines, share the card details to others, see communication history and track feedbacks very easily.

  • Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Asana & follow up your new leads

    Once you get a new lead in Facebook Lead Ads, this ICApp will automatically trigger and a corresponding task will be created in Asana to ensure that your leads are immediately taken care of by your team. If Asana is your Work Manager, use this ICAppto navigate your new leads successfully through the sales funnel.

  • Use integrations to monitor the progress of lead nurturing process

    • Integrate with Slack to update your team instantly when activities occur in Trello, when activities occur in Asana projects, when new Gmails are received, when new files are added to Dropbox etc. regarding new leads.

    • Integrate with Mailchimp to automatically add your new contacts in Google contacts to Mailchimp lists, add new Mailchimp campaign information to Google Sheets, to update team on new Mailchimp campaigns via Slack etc.

    • Integrate with Google Calendar and ensure all your events related to lead management are well planned and executed to bring you the return of investment. Use Google Calendar for smooth planning of your daily busy schedule by integrating it with SMS, Email or even with Google Sheets. Publicize your event by integrating with Facebook Pages, Email, SMS etc and send post-event Thank you’s automatically through integrations.

    • Integrate with Dropbox and use cloud storage facility to upload and share files. You can automatically save important attachments in Gmail, create and manage up to date lead databases, analyze your lead performance data in Google Sheets and do many more activities through Rapidomize ICApps.


Likewise, you can automate and integrate a lot of mundane tasks you come across when converting Facebook Lead Ads leads to potential customers using various apps that you use in your business. Think outside the box and enjoy multiple benefits including improved turnaround times, saving money, empowered and engaged staff, stress free atmosphere, generation of more revenue and long lasting relationships that you build with your clients. Contact us at if you need any further guidance.

Finally, there is absolutely no coding involved!

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