Rapidomize Function

Rapidomize Function is a serverless service for running code without having to provision or manage servers.


Rapidomize Function is a low-code serverless framework that allows you to run backend code in response to events triggered in your workflows or APIs. It’s a convenient framework for you to build simple code steps or microservices fast when creating your workflows or APIs.

Functions allow you extending your ICApps capability with code. For example you can use JavaScript to add a processing step to your ICApp which can format/extract data or respond to your queries when using APIs.

How it works


In your JavaScript functions,handler is the method where your events data should be processed. When Functions are invoked, system runs the handler method to execute your code. Execution can simply exit or return a response from the Functions. Below example shows how handler method is exported from your Function.

exports.handler =  (event, context, callback)  => {
    /* wite your code here */
    let msg = "Hello World";
    let res = {msg: msg, ev: event};

    callback(null, res);

Currently javascript async / wait functions are not supported.

All parameters are JSON objects where:

event -  JSON event to fire your Function
context - execution context that contains <bmkb>ICApp</bmkb> ID, function/service name ...etc
callback - this allows you to return any response from the function, it contain parameters 
          'err' & 'res' as in: callback(err, res). You must use either `res` or `err` as required.  

For more examples refer to https://github.com/rapidomize/ics

Last modified August 31, 2022