How to set up Push Notifications on Rapidomize

Mobile Push Notification

For your own mobiles apps, you can use Push notification service to send direct push notification messages to your customers mobile devices. Rapidomize uses FCM for mobile Push notification. On each device push notification service produces a device token. Rapidomize uses this device token to send direct push notification messages. Because, of this you are required to authorize push notification service via OAuth when configuring Rapidomize Push Notification service to be used on your behalf.

Registering Device Token

Generate google-services.json file from Firebase Console and include it in app/ directory of your Android app. Also include Firebase Messaging SDK in your Android app. For more info see here

Manual Registration

To manually register device tokens select My Apps & Devices from the menu bar and select your App or Device definition. In the View/Edit App/Device page. Add the device token in to the meta data section as an attribute. Use fcmId for Android devices and apnId for iOS devices.

Programmatic Registration

Use REST API or the sdk to update Apps/Device meta data. e.g. using sdk for java.

    String token = "...";
    String appId = "...";

    final Client client = new Client(token, appId, Transport.WSS);
    client.update_meta(new Json("fcmId","...", ....));
Last modified September 26, 2021