ICApp Execution

ICApp executes each time Trigger is executed. Executions depend on the type of Trigger in your ICApp

Types of Triggers

There are three types of triggers.

  • Cron/Timer Scheduler based Triggers: Allows you to configure a crons style periodic execution schedules for your ICApp. Selectable minimum execution period depends on your account plan.

  • APIs or Webhooks based Triggers - These Triggers are executed instantly when an Event data is received (i.e. API or Webhook is invoked by sending data for example using HTTP POST) to the API or Webhook.

  • Service Provider based Triggers - There are two categories PUSH or PULL.

    • PUSH - These Triggers are executed instantly when Service provider sends us an Event data.
    • PULL - Rapidomize periodically iterate and check for Event data for your App or Service you selected as your Trigger. Iteration interval depends on your account plan.

Iteration interval per Account Plan

  • Lite - Every 15 min
  • All other plans - Every 5 min

Last modified August 31, 2022