How to set up Asana on Rapidomize

  1. To use Asana with Rapidomize, you must connect your Asana account to Rapidomize. If you already have an account with Asana you can use it. If not, you need to create an account with Asana .
  2. Once you select Asana app from the list of ICApps, authorize Rapidomize to access your Asana account.


  1. Sign in with Google to access your Asana account.


  1. Full edit permission is required for create/update actions. You will only need “view only” permission for triggers and data retrievals.
  2. Once Rapidomize is connected to your Asana account, you can proceed with your ICApp creation.


Tip: Whenever you want to select data values from previous steps, click select data button button in our workflow.

Setting up your Asana Trigger

When an Activity occurs on a task or project

Setting up your Asana Action

Update a task

Last modified March 2, 2022