Setting up your Webflow Action

Get a product

A product will be selected from a specific Webflow site as per your instructions, each time this ICApp is triggered.

  1. Once you test your Trigger data, you need to select an action app to use with the Trigger.

  2. To add this action app to your ICApp, click on the “add service” button.

    add service

  3. Select “Webflow” as your Action app from the list of ICApps.

  4. Connect your Webflow account to Rapidomize and authorize Rapidomize to access your Webflow account.

  5. Follow Guidance How to set up Webflow on Rapidomize . Once connected, press select key to select your Webflow account.

  6. Select the “Action” by clicking on Get a product icon.


  7. Specify the Webflow site from which you wish to get your product.


  8. Test your action by clicking on “Test / Get Sample Data”.

  9. Save your ICApp by clicking on “Save ICApp”.

  10. You will get a card entry in “Intelligent Connected Apps page”.

  11. To activate the ICApp, turn ON the “Run” toggle slider.

  12. Click on “Status” icon on the card to see the status of your ICApp from the Dashboard.

  13. Once you activated your ICApp, it will run according to the specified schedule.

Last modified March 2, 2022