Setting up your GitLab Trigger

When there is a new issue

When a new issue is raised in a GitLab project, this ICApp will Trigger.

  1. To start creating this ICApp, select “Intelligent connected apps” menu icon and then click on “Create new ICApp” button.

  2. Give a name for your ICApp.

  3. Go to next screen by clicking the green arrow button.

  4. Select “GitLab” which is to trigger your ICApp from the list of apps(Trigger is an event which starts the ICApp).

  5. Connect your GitLab account to Rapidomize and authorize Rapidomize to access your GitLab account.

  6. Follow Guidance How to set up GitLab on Rapidomize. Once connected, press “select” key to select your GitLab account.

  7. Select the Trigger When there is a new issue from the list of triggers.


  8. Specify the project which you want to monitor.


  9. Test and retrieve sample data of your Trigger by clicking on “test/peek at data”.

  10. Proceed with the desired action.

Last modified March 2, 2022