How to set up Webhooks on Rapidomize

Webhooks allow you to trigger your ICApps for certain events coming from another event source. Event source could be a Web/Mobile/Devices App, Web site, cloud or back office system …etc. That is Webhooks push events data near realtime and allow you to executes your own functionality.


Your webhooks are secured by TLS so you will be using HTTPS and they can only be used with a auth token.


Unlike other providers, if your workflow (ICApp) behind the webhook is not enabled or none exists then Rapidomize will always inform you that it is disabled or not found.

Features Not Supported

Webhooks do not support HTTP redirects i.e. 3XX status codes. This is Your Webhook Endpoint URL. Once this ICApp is configured and activated, you can POST data to this endpoint. To generate an API KEY select ‘App Tokens’ from top right most menu

Last modified June 25, 2022